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Return of the Barbarians, Dinner with the Vampires.

Hey Folks.

Firstly, the long overdue return of Grandy the barbarian and her clan. Grandy is the aging matriarch of our little clan of barbarians and one of the Waltzy's most memorable characters. Once likened to Cohen the barbarian, except with ovaries.
Her tribe of musclebound northerners have been forced to move south, to the relatively tropical warmth of the tundra. (Ie, Russia rather than specifically Siberia, perhaps.) But recently, there have been strange omens, odd lights on the northern horizons...
This thread is open to anyone, as long as they are playing a barbarian.
You can find more info, Here

Second up, we're pushing for a few new members in Alex's Eastern Winds thread. There are two or three places left to join as existing guests of Miklos Zyndram, the vampire and second in command/caretaker of the legendary necromancer Volokor. The thread is also freely open to characters who may have arrived in town, or be from town. If you wish to be an actual resident of the castle, you will have to talk to Alex, or myself.
Thread Here

More Info
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