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The Role Playground Announcement LJ
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This is the Administration Blog for the creation, up-dation, and maintainance of The Role Playground website. This is not the actual RP, and if it was.. Well, it'd be a pretty crappy RP.

The Role Playground is a website based on the concept that roleplay has three functions;
One, roleplay helps build writing, characterization, and plot building skills...
Two, roleplay is a way to vicariously experience life in ways your cannot and is not meant as an escape, but a fun and occasionally addictive suppliment to help more fully understand yourself and others.
Three, community is essential for building and encouraging both of the other concepts mentioned, and we welcome everyone.

Besides, us geeks gotta stick together.
The Role Playground supports every genre of RP, but put an incredibly strong emphasis on original worlds, characters, and plot-lines. While fanfic is all well and good, the goal of the Role Playground is the expansion of personal fictional worlds and characters through organic and interpersonal means; not building off ones that already exist...
But hopefully as the site grows there will be a place to share other RPs (Forum, Live, Game, Real Life, LARPing), including fan-fiction based ones. :.)