mister_cope (mister_cope) wrote in roleplayground,

The League...

Our superhero rp is due to swing into full flow in a very short period of time. This heavily gm'd campaign will be run by Waltzy, and by all accounts we have something very special in store for us.

If you haven't already, there is a little time left to get your character involved. If you already have a character sheeted and approved then simply introduce them into this thread

If you have yet to create a character, well, you've left it a little late. ;) Waltzy has set a deadline of sorts for those wanting to be involved in this specific campaign for the end of tomorrow. IF you miss the deadline but are still interested, i suggest getting directly in touch with Waltzy herself. We are flexible people, there's a chance we could work something out, i'm sure. ;)
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