mister_cope (mister_cope) wrote in roleplayground,

Welcome Back to the World of Adventures.

Not a bad start, wouldn't you say?
Things are looking promising here at the Roleplayground. We have a basic system up and running and have started migrating threads from our old home. The new members who we have invited have largely been integrating rather well, thanks in part to Alex's ingenius Introduction thread.
Those of you who haven't posted yet, well, there's no requirement to, but it's a pleasant way to get things going, don't you think?

Despite the good start, there's still plenty to do. A banner is underway and we are discussing what to do with the threads from the everwars continuum as we speak. Any suggestions for section names would be welcome.
Work on the front end will continue sometime soon. It's all well and good having a snazzy url if there's nothing there, eh folks?
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